Gaurav Diwan, PhD student

MSc Microbiology, M S University of Baroda, 2011
BSc Microbiology, Abasaheb Garware College (University of Pune), 2009

Having trained as a microbiologist, my broad interests include prokaryotic molecular biology and cell biology. I like the use of manipulative genetic and computational techniques to study intricate details of the bacterial cell machinery. I work on two projects in the lab: (i) I’m trying to address the chicken-or-egg problem of codon bias and tRNA gene copy number by deleting different tRNA genes and quantifying the fitness effect in the technically friendly bacterium Escherichia coli. (ii) I am computationally analyzing the coding regions of a few bacteria and archaea to look for the presence of Shine-Dalgarno like sequences. This is because the small subunit of the ribosome will have some affinity to these sequences and can thus slow down the ribosome during translation; or even more drastically, assemble at such sites in the middle of a gene and create a traffic jam. Recently, I have begun to like coding in R and Python a lot and will certainly keep using these tools to analyse data in the future.

Outside the lab, I am a huge fan of Football (Soccer) and spend hours playing, watching and studying it. I’m also a voracious eater and I love Alternative Rock music.


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